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Welcome to the Academic Rodeo, a premier academic competition that celebrates and showcases the brilliance of young minds! Academic Rodeo provides a platform for students to unleash their academic excellence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. It offers a diverse range of contests in various disciplines, including public speaking, plant identification, landscape design, photography, and creative arts.

With a rich history of fostering talent and recognizing outstanding achievements, Academic Rodeo awards scholarships to deserving students, honors exceptional educators, and creates an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie. Participants have the opportunity to compete, learn, and grow, gaining valuable skills and experiences along the way.

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2024 Academic Rodeo Add/Drop Form

Use this form to make changes ONLY to your group or student registrations already submitted.
PLEASE do NOT submit a new registration form as it results in duplication of students and confusion. Do NOT register students using this form. All Student Registrations are done through the ShoWorks Portal.

When you must include a contest, abbreviate as follows: ACQ, AgID, Art, CSF, Drama, EC, Kinder, Math, MBE, Pent, Sci, Spell, Write, YFS.
Thank you!

School or Group

User Account Info below should be person submitting the Add/Drop Information for the group.


List all contests you wish to add to your group's original registration below in the following format.
Contest Abbreviation, Levels or Grades, Sponsor Name, Sponsor E-Mail


Please list all contests you wish to drop from your original registration below using the following format.
Contest Abbreviation, Levels (E, MS, or HS) or Grades

Change/Add Coach or Sponsor

Use this section to add or change a Coach of Sponsor.
Type NEW or Replace, then List Contest Abbreviation, Level (if applicable), then Name and E-Mail.



Please use this section to make substitutions to established team rosters. List below the substitutions you are making to a Student Registration already submitted.
Please use the following format.
Contest Abbreviation (ACQ, Math, MBE, etc.), Level, Student Name replaced by Student Name, Grade, Photo Permission Yes or No


Please use this section to add NEW students to a contest AFTER you have submitted the initial Student Registration list for that contest.
List below the NEW students to be added. Replacements should be listed in the previous section.
Use the following format.
Contest Abbreviation, Level (E, MS, HS), Student Name, Grade, Category (If applicable), Photo Permission Yes or No


Please use this section for dropping a student who will be dropped from contests without a replacement.
Use a previous section for Substitutions.
List the students to be dropped using the following format.
Contest Abbreviation (Art, Ag ID, etc.), Level (E, MS, or HS) or Grade, Student Name, Team (if applicable)
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