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Getting Started

Our 2024 competition season is going to look a little different. Due to the many renovations and landscape changes on our current property, we will not be in our normal location. I think this will be an opportunity for some exciting changes. We will have multiple locations throughout the Tyler area depending on the individual contests. Please be aware that the contest locations will be different and that good communication within your district is imperative. Coaches and Sponsors will be informed of changes by email that occur after the Calendar has been set.
A Tentative Schedule can be found in the Groups and Schedules section below. It was posted August 11 and will be updated as further contests are set.
2024 School/Group Contest Registration Deadline: October 14th, 2023
Groups may register after this date, but they will not be eligible for contests already in progress or with schedules in place.
Click REGISTER below after August 1 to register your group online.

To Participate:
Step 1 - Choose a Primary Contact for your group.
Step 2 - Determine eligibility for and interest in contests.
Step 3 - Choose coaches/sponsors for the contests chosen.
Step 4 - Direct Coaches & Sponsors to contest page for information and forms.
Step 5 - Primary Contact should register group for specific contests using School/Group Contest Registration Link - See REGISTER link below. Communicate, coordinate, and PLEASE, submit only 1 Group Contest Registration per school.
Step 6 - Communicate rules, deadlines, and expectations to students.
Step 7 - Register students by Deadline for the contest on ShoWorks portal. Link is on the General Info or each contest page and will be active after October 17.
Step 8 - Submit entries for each contest or attend contest according to the Contest Timeline (on contest page).
Step 9 - Understand what awards are given in each contest and correctly relay to students.
Step 10 - Understand the Wrap-up Procedures and plan for attendance at the Awards Celebration (if eligible) and pick-up of entries after Academic Rodeo ends.

For more information about Academic Rodeo, contact Jarvie Stroupe, Director of Academic Rodeo.

School/Group CONTEST Registration

School/Group CONTEST Registration
School/Group CONTEST Registration
Use this online form August 1 through October 6th to register your school or non-school group for Academic Rodeo. Only 1 registration per campus or 4-H group is needed.

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