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About Academic Rodeo

What is Academic Rodeo?

Who can participate?

When does it occur?

Where do contests occur?

What is the cost to participate in Academic Rodeo?

Who puts together the Academic Rodeo program and runs the contest?

Getting Involved

How do I get my school or group involved?

What if we decide we cannot participate in a contest after we register or decide we want to add a contest not registered?

Contests and Entries

Can any student participate in any of the contests?

Why are there limits to the number of entries for most contests?

Do I have to register each student for the contests, and if so, how do I do that?

What if I need to make a change to the students registered?

How do I prepare students for contests?

How can I find the location of contests?

Can other students and/or family members attend the contests?

Where do I submit entries for the contests?

Are entries displayed where others can see them?

Can I just submit entries at any time prior to the deadline?

What happens to the entries after the contests are over?


How will I know if my students win in a contest?

What awards do students receive?

Is there an Awards Ceremony of any kind?

What if our School or Group cannot attend the Awards Celebration?

How do students know if they receive a scholarship?

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