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Academic Rodeo Scholarships

Scholarships for Middle and High School Students

Academic Rodeo Scholarships are announced at the Awards Celebration in February each year.

$170,000 has been awarded since 2008.

Amounts to be awarded in any year are announced in January of the current year.

$11,000 is awarded each year.

1 - $2,000 High School award
2 - $1,500 High School awards
2 - $1,000 High School awards
1 - $1,000 Middle School award
2 - $750 Middle School awards
3 - $500 Middle School awards

Scholarship Applications are due February 15th. Applicants must be current year winners - 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in an individual or team contest; Middle School Outstanding Performer; or Pentathlon High Scorer. See the Academic Rodeo Calendar or Timeline for Application Deadline.

Middle and High School Scholarships will be awarded to students from the eligible applications received for the current year. The funds will be distributed in the Fall Semester after graduation from high school and completion of other eligibility requirements as stated in the rules.
2022 Scholarship Winners
2020 Recipients
2020 All Middle School Recipients
2020 High School Recipients (4 of 5)
2019 Recipients
2018 Recipients
2017 Recipients
2016 Recipients
2015 Recipients
2013 Recipients
2011 High School Recipients
2011 Middle School Recipients
2010 High School Recipients
2010 Middle School Recipients
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