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Hiland Dairy Foods
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When is the Fair?

What time is the Fair open?

Are pets allowed?

Can we bring our own food or drinks?

Is smoking permitted?

Are licensed citizens permitted to carry a firearm?

Are scooters or wheelchairs provided?

Will I be able to leave the Fair and come back at a later time?

Tickets & Wristbands

What days can I use a carnival wristband?

How much are tickets?

Where do I get tickets?

Can I get a refund for tickets or wristbands?


Are you open for lunch during weekdays?


How do I become a volunteer?

Competitive Events

How do I enter any of the Competitive Events at the Fair?

What are the different contests that I can enter at the Fair?

Can I win money by entering things in contests at the Fair?

Where can I see things entered in contests?

Educational Fun

What educational activities are available during the Fair?

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