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Engineering Challenge

Teams of students build Mars Rovers from Legos

Contest Support provided by Discovery Science Place and the UT Tyler School of Education & Psychology
To REGISTER STUDENTS beginning October 18, click here for the General Info page and scroll to the Register Students section. You can also access a document, How to Register Students on that page.

The Engineering Challenge tests the engineering and problem solving skills of elementary and middle school students. Teams of 4 students build a Mars Rover from Legos. The Rover must have a scoop device for collecting rocks and must be taken through several challenges in the contest including a Blind Driving Challenge.
There are two Levels:
  • Elementary - students in grades 3 through 5
  • Middle School - students in grades 6 through 8
Each school is permitted one team per level. The team may have only 4 students.
An Engineering Challenge Manual outlines team-building activities and activities to develop skills for building and working the rover.
Lego kits are supplied by Academic Rodeo for the teams to use.
  • Students from teams which do not place receive a
    participation certificate.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places are awarded in each
    level and each team receives a trophy.
  • Members of placing teams receive a place ribbon.
  • Special Awards may be presented and may include any of the following: Fastest Rover, Most Rocks Collected, Best Climbing Rover, Best “Blind Driving” Teamwork, Lightest Rover, Most Creative Rover, Best Rover Display, Best Rover Presentation, Best Lab Notebook, Best Team Name, Best Team Spirit, and Best Understanding of the Design Process.
Weighing Rover
Incline Test
Poster Presentation
Speed Test
Rock Collection
Blind Driving
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