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Academic Rodeo Scholarships

Scholarships for Middle & High School Winners

$11,000 in Scholarship Awards are presented each year.

1 - $2,000 High School award
2 - $1,500 High School awards
2 - $1,000 High School awards
1 - $1,000 Middle School award
2 - $750 Middle School awards
3 - $500 Middle School awards

Scholarship Applications are due each year in February and are accepted from winners in contests for the current year. See the Academic Rodeo Schedule for Scholarship Deadline.

A student must place 1st, 2 nd, or 3rd in a contest in the current year, or be the Outstanding Performer in One Act Play to be eligible to apply.

Middle School (grades 6 through 8) and High School (grades 9 through 12) contest winners are eligible to apply for the Academic Rodeo Scholarships in their level of competition in the year of placing in the contest.

Both Middle and High School Scholarships will be awarded to students from the eligible applications received for the current year. The funds will be distributed in the Fall Semester after graduation from high school and completion of other eligibility requirements as stated in the rules.
2018 Recipients
2017 Middle School Recipients
2017 High School Recipients
2016 Recipients
2015 Recipients
2013 Middle School Recipients
2013 High School Recipients
2011 Middle School Recipients
2011 High School Recipients
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