Agriculture Identification Contest

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Agriculture Identification Contest

Students in Grades 3 - 12 Identify Ag Products

Contest Support Provided by Smith County Extension Education Association and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension in Smith County
To REGISTER STUDENTS beginning October 18, click here for the General Info page and scroll to the Register Students section. You can also access a document, How to Register Students on that page.

Agriculture is the art and science of producing food and fiber for our local, national and world population. Food is the fuel of life; food production is essential to living. Many clothing and other items come from fibers produced in agriculture.

The purpose of this contest is for students to learn more about general agriculture; how food is grown, preserved, and gets to our tables: how food affects our health; and the growing and production of fibers used for clothing and paper that make our lives more comfortable.

There are 3 Levels of competition: Elementary (Grades 3-5), Middle School (Grades 6-8), and High School (Grades 9-12)

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places are awarded in each level. Winners receive a medallion.
  • Participation Ribbons for those who do not place.
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