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Kinder Critters Contest

Create a Critter from everyday items
Contest Support provided by UT Tyler School of Education & Psychology
The Kinder Critters Contest allows Kindergarten students to express themselves through art and creativity. Under the teacher's supervision, the students create a "Critter" using everyday items such as cotton balls, toothpicks, playdough, pinecones, etc. which will be placed in a shoe box for display. Accessories may be added to the shoe box display by the child. A creative name is given to the Critter and is displayed in the shoe box.
The teacher assists the child by gluing the Critter into a shoe box to provide protection for the creation while it is being transported and on display.
  • All students who do not place receive a participation ribbon.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places are awarded and up to 3 Honorable Mention awards are given.
  • Place winners receive a medallion and a cash award of $25.00, $15.00 or $10.00.
  • Honorable Mention recipients receive an Honorable Mention ribbon.
2017 1st Place 
2017 2nd Place 
2017 3rd Place 
2017 Honorable Mention 
2017 Honorable Mention 
2017 Honorable Mention 
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