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One Act Play Festival

A festival of plays

The One Act Play Festival is for middle school and high school students interested in the fine
arts and is designed to give these students a positive theater experience that fosters participation in, commitment to and appreciation of quality theater.

The students should appreciate that theater is a collaborative art form in which each student can recognize the value of an individual’s contribution to the ensemble.

The contest does not identify a "best play" from those participating, but judges each play by a standard with each school receiving a rating based on that standard. The critic judge provides positive suggestions to assist the students in continued participation in theater.
Each school or group with students in grades 6 through 8 and/or grades 9 through 12 may register 1 play in each level of the festival.
  • All participants receive a Certificate of Recognition.
  • Each cast receives a trophy.
  • One individual is selected as the Outstanding Performer and receives a medallion and is eligible to apply for Academic Rodeo Middle School or High School Scholarships.
  • Up to 10 All Star Cast Members are selected at each level and receive an All Star Cast Ribbon.
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