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Academic Rodeo Contests

There are currently 14 contests presented during the annual Academic Rodeo.  
Each Contest is for specific grades - (T) denotes Team event:
Academic Challenge Quiz (T) - MS (6th-8th) and HS (9th-12th) 
Agriculture Identification Contest - E (3rd-5th), MS (6th-8th), HS (9th-12th)
Art Contest - contest for each grade, 1st through 12th
Computer Science Fair - E (3rd-5th), MS (6th-8th), HS (9th-12th)
Engineering Challenge (T) - E (3rd-5th) and MS (6th-8th) 
Kinder Critters - Kindergarten only
Mathletics (T) - 4th and 5th grades only 
Mindset Breaking Experience (T) - E (3rd-5th), MS (6th-8th), HS (9th-12th)
One Act Play Festival (T) - MS (6th-8th), HS (9th-12th) 
Pentathlon (T) -  MS (6th-8th), HS (9th-12th) 
Science Fair - E (3rd-5th), MS (6th-8th), HS (9th-12th); a Class Display category is for grades K-2nd only
Spelling Bee - 2nd and 3rd grades only
Writing Contest - contest for each grade 4th through 12th
Youth Fashion Show - E (3rd-5th), MS (6th-8th), HS (9th-12th) 
Register for each contest and its appropriate levels by completing the online School/Group Registration Form by the October deadline. Contests may be added or dropped using the Add/Drop online form, but please do so in a timely manner. 
Click the photo links below to learn more about each contest or to locate resources, forms, or schedules for each contest.
For more information about Academic Rodeo, contact Deborah Newman
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Contests and More

Academic Challenge Quiz 
Agriculture Identification Contest 
Art Contest 
Computer Science Fair 
Engineering Challenge 
Kinder Critters Contest 
Mindset Breaking Experience 
One Act Play Festival 
Science Fair 
Spelling Bee 
Writing Contest 
Youth Fashion Show 
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