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Art Contest

Students draw or paint a picture

Contest support provided by Tyler Junior College Art Department
Click to REGISTER STUDENTS - beginning October 27.

The Academic Rodeo Art Contest is designed to create a healthy competition in the arts. Places are awarded in each grade level, 1st through 12th. The subject of the art is the student's choice.

The primary focus is creation of a two-dimensional piece. When paper, fabric, yarn, etc. are added to the drawing, the additions should add texture, not depth to the work, and should not add weight, making it difficult to display for a long period of time.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places are awarded in each grade, and up to 3 Honorable Mention awards.
  • Place winners receive a medallion. Elementary winners receive a cash award of $25.00, $15.00 or $10.00. Middle School and High School winners are eligible to apply for Academic Rodeo Scholarships.
  • Honorable Mention recipients receive an Honorable Mention ribbon.
  • Others receive a participation ribbon.
2019 1st Grade Winners
2019 2nd Grade Winners
2019 3rd Grade Winners
2019 4th Grade Winners
2019 5th Grade Winners
2018 1st Grade Winners
2019 6th Grade Winners
2019 7th Grade Winners
2019 8th Grade Winners
2019 9th Grade Winners
2019 10th Grade Winners
2019 11th Grade Winners
2019 12th Grade Winners
2018 2nd Grade Winners
2018 3rd Grade Winners
2018 4th Grade Winners
2018 5th Grade Winners
2018 6th Grade Winners
2018 7th Grade Winners
2018 8th Grade Winners
2018 9th Grade Winners
2018 10th Grade Winners
2018 11th Grade Winners
2018 12th Grade Winners
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