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GO TEXAN Members


The GO TEXAN Market at the East Texas State Fair is open to vendors of Certified GO TEXAN products. Approximately 250,000 visitors will visit the East Texas State Fair this year - a great opportunity to showcase your product to consumers in the East Texas region.

Exhibiting your product at the East Texas State Fair is easy!
1. Submit the GO TEXAN vendor application (below).
2. Deliver your product(s) to the fairgrounds in Tyler, TX.
3. Fair staff will stock your product(s) on the shelves and sell as much as we can.
4. Any unsold inventory will be returned along with a check for your profits.

That's right, you don't even have to be here! Just apply and ship your inventory to us and we'll do the rest!

Don't miss this great opportunity to get your product in front of THOUSANDS of eager East Texas consumers! Apply today!

In Partnership With:

Go Texan
Texas Department of Agriculture


Products will be stocked in the order which applications are received. Apply soon to get the best location!

You will be required to pay for your space when you submit your application.

Product Application
Product Application
Submit this application to showcase your product in the GO TEXAN Market

Important Deadlines

Application Deadline: September 1st
Deadline to Receive Product: September 15th

*These are firm deadlines. No exceptions will be made.

Restricted Items

The following items will not be approved for sale:
  • Items requiring refrigeration (at this time the store is not equipped with refrigerated units)
  • Alcoholic beverages (due to TABC restrictions)
  • Any items not certified GO TEXAN
  • Any items containing vulgar or inappropriate content
  • Any items which conflict with a current Fair sponsorships.

Applicable Fees

There are three types of expenses you may incur:

1. Shelf Space: In order to exhibit your product(s) in the GO TEXAN Market you must purchase shelf space. Shelf is available for as low as $50 and details are outlined in the application.

2. Shipping: You are responsible for delivering and pickup up your merchandise to/from the East Texas State Fair before the delivery deadline. You will be responsible for any shipping costs this may entail. In order to avoid this expense, you may deliver/pickup items yourself.

3. Commission Fees: This is how we pay for the staff that operates the market; including assisting customers and keeping your product looking great. The commission fee is 20% of gross sales. You will only be charged a commission fee for the amount of sales exceeding the cost of your shelf space.

About East Texas State Fair

The East Texas State Fair is located in Tyler, TX and serves all of the East Texas regional market including Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Jacksonville, Rusk, Nacogdoches, Mt. Pleasant, Canton, Palestine, Carthage and more.

Tyler, TX has a population of more than 100,000 residents and the entire East Texas market is home to over 1 Million residents.

Each year, the Fair welcomes about 250,000 guests from this area and beyond. Livestock show exhibitors and contest participants come from as far away as New Mexico, Kentucky, Florida, and more. Concerts are known to draw crowds from the Dallas and Shreveport metro areas. The Fair also serves as a "homecoming" for many who come from all over the world to visit family and friends during the festivities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Market hours?

Shipping Product

How much product should I ship?

When is the deadline to ship my product?

Who pays for the cost of shipping?

What happens if my product is lost or damaged in shipping?

Where do I ship my product(s)?


Do you take a percentage of our sales?

How will we receive the revenue from our products?

When do we get paid?

How do we pay for our shelf space?


Are there opportunities to provide samples of my product?

How much does it cost to sample my product?

What days/times are available for sampling?

What is included in the sampling station?

Do I need a health/food permit for sampling?


How do I get the best location?

Can I send items other than my product(s) for merchandising purposes?


When does the Fair take possession of my products?

Who is responsible for lots/stolen items?


For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at
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