COVID-19: The East Texas State Fair is still a go for 2020!

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COVID-19 Updates

Official Decision Still Weeks Away

Posted 7/7/2020

According to our research, the desire for the East Texas State Fair to happen is strong. This became even more apparent by the overwhelming success of the Fair Food Drive-In Days which we hosted just weeks ago.

The East Texas State Fair has the privilege of being more flexible than The State Fair of Texas and, therefore, can hold off a little longer before we are pressed to make a decision.

While we are still weeks away from an official decision, we are diligently working to develop a plan that includes several adjustments in order to meet CDC guidelines, maintain social distancing, and implement strict sanitization measures.

The fair will continue to look out for the best interest of the community as we move forward. We must take into account the immense economic and educational benefits the fair provides for the community, while not taking lightly the health risk that such an event could pose.

We steadfastly hope that by September 25th the situation has improved in order to produce an event that our community so greatly deserves.


Posted 5/6/20
North American Midway Entertainment (The carnival provider for East Texas State Fair) released the following statement regarding safely reopening the carnival midway during the current pandemic:

ETSF Planning for a Successful Event

Posted 3/16/2020

The 2020 East Texas State Fair is expected to continue as scheduled. Among the chaos surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak Fair organizers are busy planning for a successful event in late September.

We are monitoring the situation closely and are staying updated on recommendations from the CDC and local health authorities. We are aware of the significance of this virus and the importance of social distancing to prevent further spread during this time. We will continue to pay very close attention to the situation and will make decisions based on what is best for our community.

However, given the amount of time between now and the September event, and expecting warmer weather to have a significant impact on the virus, the Fair is planning to continue as usual.

For now, we have adjusted our usual board meetings and committee meetings to take place via conference calls, and are encouraging our employees to work from home.

Meanwhile our hearts go out to our peers in the industry who have been significantly affected by cancellations and postponements. Entertainers, vendors, concessionaires, carnivals, livestock exhibitors, and several non-profit organizations involved are suffering staggering losses. In an industry where the mentality of “the show must go on” is so often our mantra, it’s heartbreaking to see so many events make such unprecedented decisions.

The inspiration behind the East Texas State Fair is to create joy for the families in our community. In this dark time, we feel it's more necessary than ever to plan for a celebration bigger than ever before. Our hope is that come September our community is healthy and ready to gather together again.

In addition, we aim to create an event that will provide a much-needed economic boost to Tyler and the East Texas area while raising funds for youth education.

We stand with our community during this hard time and look forward to prosperity and celebration in the fall.

The 2020 East Texas State Fair is set to take place September 25th through October 4th in Tyler.

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