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2023 Academic Rodeo Group Participation Report

Please complete the following to tell us about the participation of students from your school or group in Academic Rodeo. This gives our Support Partners data to justify their participation in our program.
Thank you!

Group Information

School Name, County 4-H, Home School Group, etc.
Write as 1st-5th, K-12th, etc. Do not include PreK
Write as K-3rd or K,1,5, 8 & 9, 9th-12th, etc.
Provide percentages of ethnic groups involved
Terms of Report

Contest Participation

For each contest's numbers indicate level as follows:
E for Elementary, MS for Middle School, HS for High School
Type 0 if your group did NOT participate.

5 E, 10 MS, 8 HS

Academic Challenge Quiz


Art Contest

Computer Science

Drama Festival

Engineering Challenge

Kinder Critters

Contest Participation, continued


Mindset Breaking Experience


Science Fair

Spelling Bee

Indicate G2 and G3 instead of E
Indicate G2 and G3

Writing Contest

Youth Fashion Show

Thank you!
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