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2019 Creative Arts Entry Registration

Carefully read the 2nd Column below for instructions to complete the entry.

If you do not know all items you plan to enter, please complete the Exhibitor Information and at least one entry item so we may have an Exhibitor Number assigned to you.

For each item registered on the form below, an entry tag will be prepared which will be assigned to you the Exhibitor with a specific number for you and a specific number for each entry item.

There are limits to the number of items you may enter in specific Divisions, such as Art. Please see the Division rules for entry limits and size limitations.

Large groups may request a special form for registering all of their group members' individual entries by contacting Tina Rosenbalm (

User Account

Exhibitor Information

An Exhibitor is the single individual or the group of individuals submitting one or more items for entry. In the case of group entries, the items registered for that group must have been completed by all members of the group working together.
If this is a group entry, type group's name.
For Group Exhibitor, leave blank.
For individuals registered as a school or facility
For contact regarding entry only.
Type N/A if not youth or over 80.
Conditions of Entry

Entry Registration Information

Please consult the Creative Arts Catalog for correct Division, Section, and Class information. You may register up to 30 entries. Any additional items may be added at Check-in on September 7 or 9.

You will complete entry information for each item in the next column. Please read the instructions below before continuing.

When typing information for each entry, use the following format: Division Letter (space) Section Letter (space) Class Number (space). A Description (1 to 4 words) should be entered in the next field.

Several examples follow.
Example 1:Youth, age 14 entering beets in Canning
A C 19

Example 2: Adult entering pastel landscape as a Professional
P D 28
Colorado Mountains

Example 3: Special Needs Youth, age 10, entering crochet
E E 26
Red Scarf

Example 4: Youth Group, age 8, entering Patchwork Quilt
H C 9
Handprint Patchwork

Individual Items for Entry

READ middle column for instructions BEFORE attempting to complete the information for your specific entry items.

Individual Items for Entry, continued

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