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Getting Started!

The 2018 School/Group Registration Deadline: October 15, 2017.

Click Register below after August 1 to register your group online.
Academic Rodeo began at the East Texas State Fair in 1991 with two contests, Art and Writing, for schools in the Tyler Independent School District. It soon enlarged to include all schools - public, private, and home schools - in the East Texas area and contests were added over the years. expanding the opportunities for students at all grade levels.

In 2007, Academic Rodeo became a stand-alone spring event. The current format is preliminary rounds of two contests and submission of some entries in November or December with the conclusion of contests in late January and early February. Currently there are 14 contests and a teacher recognition program. All winners in the contests, Outstanding Educator honorees, and Academic Rodeo Scholarship recipients are honored at an Awards Celebration in late February.

To Participate:
Step 1 - Identify a Primary Contact to serve as liaison between Academic Rodeo and your school or group.
Step 2 - Determine which contests are available for the students in your group and if your group has an interest in participating in those contests.
Step 3 - Choose individuals to serve as coaches for the contests your group will enter.
Step 4 - Familiarize your group with Academic Rodeo contests, rules, deadlines, and procedures.
Step 5 - Register your school or group for specific contests using the online form which can be accessed below.
Step 6 - Provide each sponsor/coach with the Academic Rodeo Contest Manual which can be downloaded below and review requirements and deadlines with them.
Step 7 - Register students and submit entries according to the timeline for each contest.
For more information about Academic Rodeo, contact Deborah Newman.
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School/Group Registration
Use this online form to register your school or group for all Academic Rodeo contests by October 15. Only 1 registration per campus or 4-H group is needed. Register individual students for contests using the Excel spreadsheet provided to coaches.
Add/Drop Form
Use this form to add or drop contests and add or drop students after the initial registration has been done.
Download the Complete Contest Manual for all rules and checklists for all contests.. Rules and Checklists for each contest are also on the specific contest pages. These were updated on each contest page August 26, 2017.
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An Excel version of all forms is sent to registered coaches and sponsors after the School/Group Registration Deadline. This version can be saved on your computer, completed and then returned by e-mail to Academic Rodeo. If you did not receive this version of all forms, you may request it from Deborah Newman.
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Contest Links and More

Outstanding Educator Recognition 
Individuals can volunteer for a variety of areas to assist with the overall competition.
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